A Victory Of Dakini Lyrics


Scorn Defeat

Lyrics to A Victory Of Dakini
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(See) the sinister star in the sky, as bright as the sun,
The symbol of our evil horde, soon our work will be done,
Our goddess on the white fox flying in the air,
Bodies of the mortal fools the evil goddess will tear,

Night draws near, something you fear
We dakini horde will be up here,
Human hand in the left hand, human leg in the right hand,
Just give us your livers all you dying folks, we feast to
(They) give us power to conquer, the feeble will surrender

As we march through the darkness into the endless night,
All the livers will be devoured in this empty night,

Feel the cold wind in the night of doom,
Praise our desecration,
Ten-thousand legions to follow, the eastern force of evil,
No light will come before dakini horde, so just succumb to us
Use the kodoku to annhilate, (we'll) see your kingdom fall,

Chanting mantra hundred-thousand times for our evil sake,
The sinister star is getting longer as our goddes awakes,
With the liver with the golden od, all our works will be done,
All the light now disappeared, dakini's reign has begun,
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