A Totally New Year Lyrics

Matt Pryor

Confidence Man

Lyrics to A Totally New Year
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You tattoo the failures on,
On to your length of arm.
They may run wrist to shoulder blade.
Whether my badges of
Honor you lost in love.
Savin' the tale of the child that failed for another day.
This will be a totally new year.

Don't let the pouring rain,
Temper your day-by-day.
Don't let the bones the closet may hold
Get in the way.
After a long dark night,
Bathe in the morning light,
Then take your return,
The lesson you learned:
You'll get it right.

This is where we begin,
Feels like an ending.
Say it with no pretense,
I'm tired of pretending.
You know that life won't wait,
You'll have to make your move
The choices you make, every awful mistake,
Will try to define you
This will be a totally new year.


This will be a totally new year.

[Chorus, then repeat last two lines

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