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Lyrics to A Thousand Apologies
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SO AFRAID! Thoughts come my way, LOSE IT ALL! But it was nothing anyway, WHAT'S DONE IS DONE! And I know I'll be saved, In time you will, SO MOVE ON! God said he'd help me through, And you're all very proud, When there's nothing left to steal, And I feel, so real, it scares me. And have I ever asked for more? BETRAYED! My plans award me, IT'S NEVER UP TO ME! I know that I'll break, HOW FAR KID?! Coz from here it looks like a long way down, I can't climb back up, That's keeping me from you, Refrain Can't you stick out your fears, can't you push them out some more, yeah (2x) I...know...it's...all...in there...but I...can't see... I CAN'T SEE THAT FAR!! WOOOO! Yeah! Those who made up time, now what's it gonna be? ARGH! Something, something's wrong, something's wrong, something's very WRONG! ARGH! Please...can...I...have...more...time? ...If I see you again, I'll laugh right in your face.

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