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Manic Bloom

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Lyrics to A Thousand Angels
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A passing thought
Some apparition dancing in my head
Of what's not to come

Where would I be
If morning had never broken
If you were never here

Give me one more touch
Because my body screams
To be replaced by you

Give me one more word
Because everything you say
Feels like a thousand angels singing

Yeah, I'll admit that I'm
Still afraid of the dark when I can't see you
I confess that your flame
Is the only way that I'll stay warm

Please don't take away our eyes that
Resurrect, bring me life
Don't know how I'd live without your
Live without your flame

Chorus 2x's

Just one more touch
and just one more word
Where would I be
If I never had you here with me

Repeat with echo

Chorus 2x's
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