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Lyrics to A Thing About Machines
A Thing About Machines Video:
there's a thick line between it's use
and what a machine was built to do
realistic hands and a plastic heart
set the new models apart
mass-assembled yet so unique
our curiosity was piqued
when he fell five hundred feet
a metal frame meets hard concrete

the symptoms are growing
these parts were made to fix what's broken
emoting and feeling
these words were meant to speed the healing

i saw his parts lying in the street
and took his heart back home with me
now it sits silent upon my shelf
but it was broken before he fell
and now the scientists are on
to figure out just what went wrong
and relay what they find along

wires melted and circuits fried
what makes a robot want to die
is what tells a person that she's alive

nothing that we are is something we should be
and everywhere we aren't means everything to me
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