A Story About Self Hate Lyrics


Lynch Me

Lyrics to A Story About Self Hate

To have the last laugh the first person's gotta be a dickhead
A hot headed nigga barely care about what his bitch said
So much radiation in his brain he feels conflicted
He grew up fucked up and both his parents got evicted
Who’s to blame It’s a shame
There ain't shit to gain but more pain
More liquor just to drain into his fucking brain
And he know everything ain't gonna be the same
He just wanna change
It's getting harder to escape the rain
More pressure to be the best
So used to being depressed
Like a noose is around his neck
And yes he understands that its this or nothing else
And if he don't succeed at this then he gon' fucking hate himself
He might fucking take his self
He struggles with self love
Only sixteen at school when I sell buds
Call from his family that he cut himself off
His alcoholic uncle finally cut himself off

Yuh, Uh, Uh
Yuh, Yuh, Uh
Yuh, Yuh

I hate myself I really wish that people understood me
I tried to kill myself but then I thought 'bout what I could be
Saw my mother do unthinkable things like how could she
And a nigga wanna talk shit on me fuck it you pussy
Life is a beautiful gift but god I hate that shit
Opps turning into food yeah I ate that shit
If a nigga pulled up on you would you take that brick
You don't know shit about the shit I been through take my dick
I stay selling it makes up for the lack of my direction
CXRPSE with another fucking song about depression
Nobody gives a fuck and its easier to accept it
Its infectious I already feel tired before breakfast
I can't eat
I can't even think
Vomit coming out my throat spit blood in the sink
The only thought I’m having now is a bottle to drink
I don’t even want myself don’t fucking send me yo link
At the end of the day
I do it all for the love
Because I lost all my trust
And I don’t feel any buzz
I just can’t give a fuck
I just can’t give a fuck