Lyrics to A State Of Infamy
1st chorus-
Dreams of days gone youth and innocence lost
my world is trapped in me..
Living long rest assured life's length seems so small
this dawn now turns to dusk

These memories fading now
nothing is as it used to be
lost in a maze nothing is real
Once I could see but now am blind
slipping away from those I love
faces no more can I recall
trapped in myself I cannot breath
Eating away all that is me!

2nd chorus
Beautiful release I stand on firm ground
to see an end for me.
full of life to live not much left for me
this dawn turns to dusk

lost my mind I cannot open it
to see what's inside
no fixing this stitching
I cannot even open my eyes
sun breaks through days go by
waking to an internal cry
losing and gaining I'm fading
everything's so devastating

(Thanks to Tyler for these lyrics)
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