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Lyrics to A Song for the Singer
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I dug a grave for the poet, asked: "Your final words?"
He bit his own tongue.
I built a home for the hermit, said: "Here, live inside."
Then he locked me out.

So I cursed his warm night as I slept outside.

I asked a priest: "Where can a man find a decent meal?"
He said: "Son, come inside."
I asked a girl: "What is the nature of love?"
She kissed me, then she began to cry.

O, is it up for me to decide the way to live my life
when all I know are all these things that I've been shown-
and nothing satisfied me anymore!
And if this is all and all is now:
let those in need of rest lie down.

But can I wait another day?

A homeless man asked: "Oh boy, what kind of man are you?"
I said: "I'm whatever the weather tells me to be!"
Bummed him a cigarette and walked on by.

Then he called me something I didn't recognize.

A good friend asked: "Oh, how can you be so distant?"
"Man, I'm just inconsistent- I only know my path.
How could I imagine yours?"

But I'm still young enough to ask for more.

…I wrote a song for the Singer said: "Here, sing it loud!"
He forgot the melody so I'll sing it now,
and it goes:

"We fall, we fall, we follow!"
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