Lyrics to A Smiling Epitaph
Red-eyed angry angels
Never need a reason why
Beware the hounds, beware the mire
Beware the red-eyed angel's fire

Hear them singin' a black chorus
Heard them laughing while you cry
Beware the bells toll evening
Beware of what you left behind


Wise is the child who knows all is changin'
Gone are the clouds when her birds start singin'

And where she walks, it will rain
And wash their worlds away
And in their place, a livin' grace
Will forever stay

Inner doors (Inner doors), outer rooms (Outer rooms)
Slither scales (Slither scales), flyin' plumes (Flyin' plumes)
Salt and iron (Salt and iron), filigree (Filigree)
On the masks (On the masks), of those not free (Of those not free)
Feel the sinkin' (Feel the sinkin')
Hear the sound (Hear the sound)
Of the people (Of the people), below the down (Below the down)
And choke on money (And choke on money)
And spit the seeds (And spit the seeds)
Then find purchase (Then find purchase), in filigree (In filigree)