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Richard Julian

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Lyrics to A Short Biography
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I used to work in an ice cream shop,
Sugar cone with a cherry on top.
This girl, she had a pretty face,
I think her mother might've owned the place.
I stilll think about her sometimes, no reason at all.

I took a trip in a Buick once,
Stayed out West for a couple of months.
The apples and the oranges there,
They shine a lot better than they shine here,
Other than that, things turned out the same.

Oh no, we got bills to pay.
Oh no, we got errands to run.
Oh no, too many things to do.
And I'm not gonna do a damn one.

You see, I'm working off this leftover buzz,
Morning after a part of it was,
By all accounts a great success.
I have many friends and aquaintences,
Thing is, I've never been good with names.

Oh no, we got bills to pay.
Oh no, too many errands to run.
Oh no, too many bills to pay,
And I can't pay a damn one.

Oh, but I know I'm gonna make a lot of money one day,
I got this hunch that it's on the way.
I'm gonna stack it up on my living room floor,
Dig me a trench by the living room door.
Hunker down, and wait for the IRS.
Songwriters: JULIAN
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