A Sailor Contemplates His Drowning Lyrics

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Lyrics to A Sailor Contemplates His Drowning
Must not forget our duty as done by him
A flag raised even as the waves embraced
And swallowed into her closeness and light
A warmer ocean this than one we are used to

Though gentle we descend, not gentle goodnight
And dragons we fought has cravenly fled
Your shorelines a distant and comforting threat
Fall short from the currents that discharge us hence

Argonauts all though gallantly taken
The country much less than the man I regard
Not strange to my memory, stranger by fighting
A victory cannot be spared, spared from his grave

So followed and followed Bahamian water
Britannia her flag raised for victory's sake
Swear not in hatred, this death I have taken
And home of Cadiz we never shall encounter
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