Lyrics to A Reason To Believe
A Reason To Believe Video:
I'm not looking for a reason to believe
I do
I breathe
That's enough for me

I hear the heart is where the mind,
And the body come together
If so, mine's been broken since the day I was born
I'm tired of the divide
And I'm not getting any younger
How does it feel to be whole?

To live - surrender this empty old resistance
To live


I've wasted so much time
Coming up with questions
Asking, ?Why?? has never answered much for me
And really, who am I?
To never feel the weight of burden?
When was I promised simplicity?

To live - let go of this tired old resistance
To live


They say, ?Don't worry - we all sink slowly,
It happens to the best of us.?
We all sink slowly
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