Lyrics to A Real One
A Real One Video:
Working all day
Going out all night
That was his way
Of saying he was alive
Snowboarding was all his life
Skateboarding too
And that's all
He wanted to do
He didn't have a minute to loose
Maybe he knew the clock was running out of time
He didn't have a second to loose
For sure he knew that the fucking clock
Was running out of time
His habit of falling asleep
Was making us laugh
We didn't know it was so deep
But we found it at last
His memories are still with us
So don't stop talking to him
Cause his listenning to all of us
And I'm sure we all need him
I hope you're happy out there
And that you finally got your big Caddy
As soon a I'll get there
We'll have a cold Lucky...........TOGETHER
REMEMBER the kind of man he was
He knew everything
Worked hard at school
Worked ahard at work
Had always time forfum
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