Lyrics to A Public Execution
A Public Execution Video:
Some words are best not spoken, some things are best not said
But since this is your public execution I think I'm gonna go right on ahead
The mailman brought your letter, babe, where you told me how you feel
N about the things he said he told you, that is, I'm such a heel
But I could never be honest that t you I've always lied
When he saw me take some other hide for a two-wheel pony ride

You at least might have asked me
If the scene was really what it seemed
But like a queen ruled by her jester
Your conclusions was esteemed [?]

You said I disappointed you wherever all the things I've done
N that you had convinced yourself I was the only one
T really make you happy, satisfy your soul
Now you say I've failed you since we've spent up all my gold

Have you ever seen the truth, therefore
Have you ever made a try
Such a thing for you's so impossible
With them beans all in your eyes

Whoa, I read where you said you want one good chance t really put me down
N how you'd love t smear my name all over my home town
Said some Mouse made a fool of you n said don't waste a dime
Your phone is out of order now, babe, for me you've got no time

If this is really what you're thinkin'
That it's really, really all my fault
You better find yourself a welder, baby
'Cause you got locked up in your vault

Yeah, you got your point put over now, it seems you found a match
Burn the bridge behind you, babe, slam your door, throw the latch
I know just how you're hurtin' from your feelings as they burn
I'd like t say I'm sorry, but it's no longer my concern

So goodbye
Go on n have a real good cry
I've found me a brand new high
She just loves a two-wheel pony ride
You better get yourself a welder, babe
Go on, get out of here...
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