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Lyrics to A Passion for Living
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Hey, dont you silence yourself now.
Let those words of passion just spill out.
Throw your rocks across mainstreet,
put a dent in every lie you see.

and when they place you in front of that mirror,
gouge your eyes out.
gouge your eyes out for me.

and when they tell you who to love, and what to pay,
cover your ears.
cover your ears for me.

we havent got the time that we think.
at 18, and deaths creeping up on me.
So I'll invest in life's simple beauty;
that girl on my arm, the leaves on the trees.

and when you swallow what you can't digest,
drink the truth down.
drink the truth down for me.

and when they say that your love's a shallow game,
pour your heart out.
pour your heart out for me.

and if you still don't fit inside your own skin,
you'll find a coat to cover up your bones.
I found my soul inside a passion for passion,
and I think I'm in love with living for the first time.
I think I'm in love with living for the first time.
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