Lyrics to A Parting
A Parting Video:
I moved to this heavy-eyed hood
Where silence follows me down the stairs
To sink into the holes in the floor
And sigh up through the walls

At dark he wraps his limbs around me
‘Cause I go missing in my sleep
Just near enough to count our breaths
But it’s like we’ve never met

Both an arms length apart
Human take me in

Flat is the sky in the lateness
A parting is all that I’ve earned
Hunting pulses just to pull on them
Thinking I think is the problem

Both an arms length apart
We’re an arms length apart
We’re at the lowest of lows
Let’s see how far our minds can go

Don’t we lie so well
We could lie here for days
But is this living or hiding
They make me stay this day

An arms length apart
An arms length apart
Songwriters: Andrew Richard Arndt, John Howard Simon, Tamsin Wilson
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