A New Way To Die Lyrics


Ascension - EP

Lyrics to A New Way To Die
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There walks a man/ on a darkened path/ with no thought or threat/ only ill relax/ but what he doesn't know/ the reapers got his scent/ and when he finds him He'll drag him down to hell/ for darkness bleeds life/ so sings Charon's bell/ when gleaming light blinds/ and you're sick of chimes/ come to the resting grounds in the absence of light/ You can't run/ you Can't hide/ these things you've done are set in line/ You're the only one to blame for this wrenched life you've made/ So when Azrael calls your name/ make your way to judgment day/ and so he found your soul/ and dragged you to your grave/ and so when death calls/ don't run from him/ embrace his open arms and live in sin/ be who ye be and nothing else/ for there's no room in hell for liars/ And so the story ends/ where your soul rests depends/ but just remember that there's no running from the reaper

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