Lyrics to A Mouthful Of Magic
A Mouthful Of Magic Video:
I ran down the stairs
of this eleven story building
and i dashed into your arms
as you said, this is once in a lifetime
once again
ive thrown myself at your feet perfectly
so perfictly
believe it or not we used to dazzle them
with what you liked to call a breeze
and face to face as we slow danced
you wore a sympathetic smile
and your eyes rolled to your feet
i dove to the bed
only to spark a conversation
though you laughed and turned away
but besides that youre a sweetheart
by the way
way to be trendy
and die like all your friends did
shake, shake, shake stay quiet
dont say a word
come eat your heart out beautiful
ill fall to the ground
of this eleven story building
would you run, hold out your arms
sweet dreams
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