A Momentary Truth Lyrics

Matthew Good

Moving Walls

Lyrics to A Momentary Truth
Yeah, let me I'll destroy you
Of talents it's the only thing I do
Turn the part of that chamber in your heart
Where you're always in a momentary truth

Me I wonder where I happen
Mostly I find things laying by
But there's a time I get lonesome and I find
I'd rather live a momentary truth

So who's that knocking at the door babe?
Who's that you're talking to outside?
I get the part where I'm a stranger in your dark
Stuck inside a momentary truth

Sometimes I dream I'm walking backwards
On fire towards the house behind
All them years I never spoke up for my fears
Just circled in a momentary truth

Yeah, let me I'll destroy you
At least that's the story that I find
Is told the most about the outline of my ghost
Captured in a momentary truth