Lyrics to A Memory Now
Well, I still remember that night when I met you
The moon was hanging lonesome in the sky
And you said you'd break my heart if I let you
It turned out to be the only time you didn't love

And it took years to learn to live without you
But I suppose that it don't matter anyhow
In spite of all the dreams I dreamed about you
You're just a memory now

My mother always said that you were easy
And my brother seemed to think that I was dim
But my heart, my eyes, and brother did deceive me
When I turned around and saw you kissing him

And I'd have died if I thought there was a heaven
But I've learned to live another day somehow
I believe you'd have gave your heart if you had one
But you're just a memory now

Well, that banker, he told us to keep our distance
He didn't think we were ready for a home
He just smiled and said you'd pay it off with interest
So he dipped his pen and left me alone