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Lyrics to A Matter Of Time
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And there you were, your beauty caught me by surprise
I held my tongue in silence, taken
In all my life I never dreamed someone like you
Could be true, now i know it's you

Wherever you are i'll be waiting
I'm tearing apart anticipating
It will not be long until you'll be mine
You'll give me your heart just a matter of time

Then you were gone you disappeared right out of sight
You were the one above all, i knew
You left a hole deep in my heart that will not heal
The time has come to find you, i will


And there you are I can't believe my own two eyes
The day has come, I found you it's true
All this time and now I finally realize
My wish come true, now I'm here with you

I want you, I need you
I've got to be near you
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