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Shaking The Rust Internally

Lyrics to A Lonesome Night In Triage
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Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon counting times.
Times spent on wasted themes oh what the hell... should I care?
Well I'm just here to have some fun tonight, Probably won't go home alone.
I've borrowed what I am for a life like melting blue ice.
Listen. I know that there's not much time to waste in the afternoon...

So lets waste our time of day!!

Guess I guessed wrong when I figured that I'd see you... where we met.
Oh well once again I'm not too surprised... should forget.
Lets see here, once again I'm casing you, wasting my afternoon.
Its funny, seems insignificant, how my story unfolds.
Who cares? I'm really indifferent so I think I'll waste my afternoon

Somehow I know that I stood for,
Nothing that I cared for and so what's more?
I guess that I am not too surprised isn't that great?- Even made her cry!! : )

I'll pass by sometime soon to see how things are, if they're going well.
'Till then I'll spend an afternoon living for nobody except me!
Today I think I will step into the shoes of somebody else,
To see where their time of day takes me and happy I'll be just wait and see!!
So lets waste our time of day!

(Thanks to Tyler for these lyrics)
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