A Little Lyric Of Great Importance Lyrics

Harry Belafonte

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Lyrics to A Little Lyric Of Great Importance
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This evening there is quite a program in store for you What?s with the Chad Mitchell trio, Odetta and there?s Miriam Makeba and the Folk Singers They?re going to be here for quite a while And earlier today during the rehearsals we have decided that we have better put all of the most strenuous pieces up front. So that after we have keeled over from exhaustion There would not be any great effort Needed for the end of the program Consequently this next song we?re about to do Is the most difficult song that we have on the program this evening Ah we had a much larger choir to start with There was some 40 members, but during the rehearsal period So strenuous was this piece Most of the men had to take off because of laryngitis Ah enough said about that because if I talk to much I won?t have the energy to sing the song A little lyric of great importance I wish, I wish I wish the rent, I wish the rent Was heaven sent

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