Lyrics to A Kiss A Week
A Kiss A Week Video:
So what the hell you mean that ain't no way to meet a girl?
We invented booze and bars to relax us in this world
You sit all jacked on coffee waiting for fate to enter scene, or what,
is it better being a creep, shopping for women on a screen?
You got all these theories man, on how to meet a mate
while all these women got theories on how to keep you away
I'm saying, you act so taxed, relax, don't be wound up so tight, tonight

She goes, I like your stupid shirt, what's it say "riot"?
Never have I met a girl so nice and polite, do you mind
if I catch you later though, see that there's my ride
and if you hit up Bukowski's, I'll see you later tonight

A little liquor helps us pave the way to romance,
get's you both on your way
and it all started with a kiss a week
Yes it starts with a kiss a week

Why you always point me out and say "He's booty calling!"
Last time I checked you ain't no hip-hop kid, you bawler
You're a borderline Yah-dude who should down his chick-drink quick
Wanna meet up with her stat, before the booze trump out my logic

And every morning we'd be both quiet
Both with headache, that don't feel very nice
Quickly we'd escape each other, yes, yes, fun, fun, see you later
Daylight's for recovery, walking home is a misery

She said,
"It's simple shit, we're bad but it's fun
It's simple shit, to be too good is just dumb"
Both staying up so late at night
Hell let's try this in the light
"Cause if we keep coming back
The chemistry must be on track

Eventually we'd both stick around
Pounding coffee and joking around
Soon we'd call each other before we went out
But we know how it started, yes we know how it started with

A little liquor helps us prove the way to romance,
got us both on our way
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