A Kingdom's Lost Beauty Lyrics

Far Beyond

An Angel's Requiem

Lyrics to A Kingdom's Lost Beauty
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Silent the murky waters flow
And a raven calls me fool
Thus ends a painful memory
Or does it start a new

I weep, I cry, but not one sigh
Does leave my dried out soul
My heart unfree, my fate is bound
To an arcane misery

Mournful sings the dying bard
Of anguish and of thee
A man who owns a frozen heart
Dies like a rotten tree

King I was called, right hand of god
Fulfilling deeds on earth
Dead I should be, I'm broken
See I'm just a fool of hate

A kingdom's lost beauty
And the rise of the moon
Where at night a black raven
Calls me home too soon

Lost kingdom... all beauty's gone...

Thou cry so much, my shattered friend
Yet I could help, I own the land
For I'm the spirit of these woods
And know the mournful fate

Yet there is hope to be released
From this thy misery
To dream away what threatens thee
And finish agony

I beg thee, if by any chance
My pain would go away
I'd pay my price, be it so high
My life's a worn out lie

Even if it costs thy soul? Even if
My life is worthless than my soul

Where the frost spirits wither
Then shall be thy release
You'll awake from the slumber
And the lands rest in peace

A kingdom's lost beauty
And its final moonrise
Lost forever
And end it comes too soon

The icy winds shiver
Place of ancient war
Call the spirits of the night
Not... to judge...
Oh how could it happen
As I should have known
That she was true loyal
Now I am alone

Murdered her while she dreams
So innocent and calm
The traitor was my own one son
Oh holy crown, be gone

A kingdom's lost beauty
And the rise of the moon
Where at night a black raven
Calls me home all too soon

Thus begins a decade of sorrow
Ten years of an agonized dream
Where to it leads, wherefrom he'd come
Still secret of the One
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