A Girl In The Night Lyrics

Ray Price

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Lyrics to A Girl In The Night
A Girl In The Night Video:
She lives her life in honky tonks
And the crowded back street bar
A world of make-believe that knows
No sun, no moon or star
Just the glitter of the great white way
And the glare of city light
Where the music's loud, she's in the crowd
A lonely girl in the night

I wonder if she's thinking
Of dreams that didn't last
I wonder if she's haunted
By heartaches from the past
Perhaps there is a story
Of a love that wasn't right
Now the shadows hide her empty pride
A lonely girl in the night

I watch her sit there so lonely
As she lights a cigarette
And the smoke rings rise, but in her eyes
Oh, there seems to be such regret
Is she there to tempt a lover
In that dress that hugs her tight
With a glass of wine to pass the time
Just a lonely girl - in the night
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