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Lyrics to A Gate To Past Times
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Mysteries of ancient times.
Of when our ancestors lived.
Treasures of a forgotten time.
Yet to be revealed.

Ideas of an afterlife.
Ancient views.
A life beyond the grave.
A gate to the past.

The passage to the hereafter.
To dear departed souls.
Packed tombs.
A celestial standard of living.

Mistresses buried with diamonds.
Monarchs accompanied by symphonies.
A stunning array of artefacts.
A long lost custom.

A newly discovered decade.
An era of endless nights in eternity.
The underworld holds many treasures.
Immortality is the beauty of our past.

The quest for everlasting life.
Guarded tombs.
Sacrifice through rituals.
One gives in order to take.

Beneath the remains.
In a flowing robe.
I am the last in my tribe.
The last Shaman.

I sacrifice to the spirits of departed ancestors.
Energy is the source of the rite.
I am the fabulous beast.
Born in the past into the future.
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