Lyrics to A Father's Marathon
A Father's Marathon Video:
live alone...die alone.

Keep running. I'm supposed to be the sun in your sky, or the one that you would die for cry for give it all and lay it on the
line for...but I'm not. I don't know you - you don't know me. I don't know my own dad and he don't know me.You turned your back
and walked away. walked away.

I spent 19 years without you, learned to fight without you, played catch without you, grew without you, learned to ride my bike
without you. you're not a man because men don't run.

I had to stand strong and tall and brave and barren. you never even gave me a chance you just ran.
took from your son, took your love.

Keep running. you cant bring back the years, reverse my tears or fix the hole in my heart right here. you can't fix the hole in
my heart right here. questions right here... daddy did you care? why were you not here?
do you know my age?
if so, how old am I now?

how can't you remember when you made me? do you not remember the seed you left behind?

you're not a man because men don't run.

took from everyday to come. ruined everyday to come.
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