Lyrics to A Dracula Factory
A Dracula Factory Video:
I felt my heart give life, pour out, I've
Chewed the words inside my mouth, I've changed
My body, let's hide in sleeves, see if she cares
If I don't breathe, I pray for love til it makes
Me sick, please don't ever suck his dick, I
Worship life to love your lips, it'd probably
Kill me to hear that shit, ha ha ha, put my love
Through the glass, the scratch and sniff of a
Mannequins hands, I sit and grin thinking about
My past, move the sands through our hourglass,
That's why I chant, close hands poor me, I want
Her chest to sleep on me, I'd take her back, if
She only said please, stab in in the belly,
Make the butterflies leave...
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