A Dance With The Insane Lyrics

Wounded (the)


Lyrics to A Dance With The Insane
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It was night in my head and they were coming.
To reming me of the sin that I am.
I was glad and my head felt funny.
I was glad cause you died in my heart.
Al the things that I sad and I did and I felt.
It was all because of you.
It doesn't surprise me that you don't understand me.
But don't laugh about me cause I'm sane and I'm here.
My vicious mind is melting.
Cause I can't swallow this terrible hate.
Cause I see you laugh about me.
Don't you fucking laugh about me.
Be the one, be the hate that I wear.
And remind me of it every day.
Cause I will swallow this destructive knowledge.
I'm your trust, I'm your life, I'm your god.

It's the pain that I don't want anymore.
It's in every second I live
And I feel so black inside.
Cause I'm glad that someone died.
(Cause I am glad that you fucking died)
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