Lyrics to A Conversation About Cancer
A Conversation About Cancer Video:
Talking about David and Goliath, and Goliath. And how he slew that
giant, slew that giant. With faith and rocks and slings and things.
She gained hope from the story, before she enters into glory. The
father loves her and that's stronger than cancer and she's teaching
me, she's teaching me, she's teaching me.

I think about my mother and my father, and my father. And all the
people with babies, mommies and daddies. Halve their chromosomes
to fill the bodies of their children and their families. At the mercy of
their history. Pass on Jesus their hopes their fears and their diseases
and they're teaching you, they're teaching me, they're teaching me.

If heaven is the place that we're going we won't have to be dealing
with what we're dealing with here. No one will be sick, no one will be
able to inflict all the things that we seem to insist on, to conflict
on, to resist on, to exist on...and I was encouraged.

I came from the hospital embraced like the prodigal son. Disease
stripped the flesh from my bones against the original intention.

Oh oh can you see? Screaming to the people in the mezzanine who say
I don't know but I think I've got it.
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