Lyrics to A Control Group
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Advance my directive, all the way so I cant it with a smile / And in case you don't get back in time, your orphan-products they might just do the trick / I am not your yellow knot, who falls around what is found / No, I am not your yellow knot / Keep advised of her condition / As for here, things remain remarkably clear / And in case you don't step aside in time, I'd like to try them instead of option ace-sqaure / I've waited many times for this one / You come in two's, you're coming to / Buy your own, once in a lifetime / You grow cold and then / Hold your own, try not to out-do / You'll grow old and then

Songwriters: Hammel, Kori Gardner / Hammel, Jason Edward
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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