Lyrics to A Consequence Plan
you've made your plans
to build a grand machine
whose performance will surpass mankind's ablities
and when she is revealed
you'll accept all the praise
but when she takes a life you'll pass me the blame

i never wanted this
i never wanted this in any way
your pain kills me every day

you love to treat
yourself to the moment
and to the substances that help you enjoy it
but when you bear a child
that won't see the light of day
you'll raise your angry face and pass me the blame

i'm so in love with you
that i place you before all the angels
in these few thousand years
look how far you've come
i'm so in love with you
but you look so torn and mangled
in these few thousand years
you've almost destroyed all i've done

i never wanted this
all the pain and all the distance
that you've put between us
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