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In Veins

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Lyrics to A Closed Window
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Complete days on false change, does anyone know? Where is the path, I want me to complain Keep small while you grow There wont be no one near you, hangmen choose all alone Crowns boil in the bottlesnake-wave Fall in love with a bone Chorus: why did I ever cry, I got your way Did I ever show what?s inside and So don?t mind the wind?s getting cold, it?s our way I am sure it?s our way we fake It has been a circle for so many years, you?ve torn it apart I?m touched only handshake, it?s only a heart You told me twice, I would not suffer Oh I tried today, two hands one fist that reach To all you weapons, weapon, and this versus Oh I?ll leave one day cause I?m sure it?s our way we fake

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