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Michelle Shocked

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Lyrics to A Child Like Grace
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A child like Grace I wish you could've seen her face How bright that sunflower shone! With a child like Grace running all around this place It should be said, "my, how you've grown..." She was only three when she taught herself to read "I do not like them, Sam I Am" She taught us how to love We learned so much but not enough I'm sure that's when we learned to give a damn She will grace our lives no more She was only four She died before she was five Now it's a grave mistake God in his wisdom makes What does he care? He fashioned us from clay Lay me down in a bed of sunflowers Overgrown and wild I've survived my own child See the fields and meadows crying, yeah Proud dandelion heads turned grey Now the wind in a puff blows you away... Mary had a baby, yeah Mary had a baby, yeah Mary had a baby, yeah Mary had a baby, yeah

Songwriters: Shocked, Michelle
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