A Chance In Heaven Lyrics

Oh, Hush!

The Yellow Album

Lyrics to A Chance In Heaven
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Remind me how we used to feel,
is this emptiness part of the deal?
Your tears from the hallway,
are breakin' my heart.
I hate to hear your cry.
I wish there was something i could say or do,
to make everything alright.

I know we can find
A way to
put this behind
This is no way to live
I've ready to give you
every broken piece of my heart.
Don't be afraid,
I know it feels like
We're slipping away.
I'm ready to fight,
til we get it right,
i know we ain't got a shot in hell
but there's a chance in heaven.

way back when we fell in love,
we were everything I'd ever dreamed of,
I remember the good times,
but we live in the bad,
where did we go wrong?
There's something in your eyes that gives me hope,
to keep holdin' on.


There's no way,
I'll ever give up.
As long as we got a chance in heaven,
there's a chance for our love


(There's a chance X3)
(no we ain't got a shot in hell)
(now don't be afraid, that we're slippin away)
(I'm ready to fight, tel we get it right)

(Thanks to Alisha for these lyrics)
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