Lyrics to A Bottle Of Buckie
A Bottle Of Buckie Video:
Nine years down the road and I remember it still

Standing on the corner back in Govanhill

Nine days out from home, feeling no pain

That northern city sun breaking through the rain

That warmthless sun barely shining on

Me and you and a bottle of Buckie

Nine years come and gone since I left you at home

And this restless soul of mine had me starting to roam

But the first time I stood by the banks of the Clyde

I was so glad to have you standing back by my side

I was so proud of what we were doing

Me and you and a bottle of Buckie

Well, I knew by the dew in your starry eyes

It was the day we both had studied for for all of our lives

Whether bold missionaries, or a Children's Crusade

No fear, pioneers, we were on our way

And there never were nothin' that could get in our way

Then the Neds, with their knuckles and their Burberry scarves

They said, "How'd ye Jersey boys ever make it this far?"

But you jumped in between and said, "Listen, my son?"

You said, "You don't know nothin' 'bout where we're from,

And you don't know nothin' 'bout why it's now

Me and you and a bottle of Buckie"

Three times I've been back in my wandering ways

Last time it was July during Marching Days

When someone said to run from that bitter parade

But I knew what you would do and I decided to stay

And I knew no one ever got the better of me and you
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