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Lyrics to A Billi Freestyle
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Guru turn this shit up (OW!)
I know a million people already did this
Let's make it a billion
Get busy, happy birthday my nigga

A billi, a billi, a billi, a billionaire
Call me Philli Collins I feel the billion is in the air
I affiliate with Billy Gates
That's my peer
And? is my consigliere
When I wear "Billionaire Boys Club" is more than gear
I don't wear it 'cause Pharrell
I wear it 'cause I'm fo' real
"I see dead people"
I see Benjamins
And a billion other "big head" people
I'm a natural born hustla
Marcy project mutha fucka
Turned proffesional journalist
Reportin' live from the gutter
Where girls carry box cutters
Brothers shoot-up with undercovers
Screamin' "Fuck the World! "
Cause' don't no body love us y'all
Carter, Sean Bell
What's the difference? Do tell
50 Shots Or 50 Mill?
Ain't no difference go to hell
So raaahh, lick a shot for Barack Obama
Change gon' come or I'm a
Buy the whole hood lamas on me
Roc nation army
Million strong and the mantra gon' be:
It is whatever it's gon' be
On three jump in the Humvee
Y'all could call it cold war
I'm declarein' I'm free
Bumpin' Pac and The Outlawz
I'm flyer that all out doors
I ball out hard
I buy champion companies
I'm practically buyin' out bars...
But I do that
I'm so past G5's and G4's but I flew back
Back, forth like Aaliyah - Rest In Piece!
Takes a nation of millions to hold us back
But when ya boy reaches a billion it's a wrap
Off of Rap?
Roc nation, it takes a nation to stop...
I'm signin' off as the hoods Barack
Muthafuckas I'm I'll!
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