A Beautiful Place Lyrics

Robert Wyatt

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Lyrics to A Beautiful Place
A Beautiful Place Video:
Oh look there's a dead rabbit... all flat... completely flat... oh there's another one...
what's in the gutter... oh it's a... one of those polystyrene... um boxes... that's all... take away... there's chips in there... didn't really want to finish the chips... that's unusual...

I'd been walking for hours
Needed a rest
Take a good look around
No where to rest
There's a shop
Selling gentlemen's suits
Further along
An estate agent or two
And a takeaway sign
Over a dusty door
Shiny photos of food
Slightly micro-waved
It's a Methodist hall
No smoking
No dogs
It looks pretty grim
In the Methodist hall
Despite a poster which says
That its there for us all
And it's a beautiful day
For walking away
Beautiful day
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