Lyrics to ... I Came Down Here
... I Came Down Here Video:
"I would take every single man that isn't in his country that's in a uniform in another country where he doesn't belong and bring him back home and take him out of his uniform and put him back in the world;
I would take every single prisoner out of their cages and put them back in the world;
I would take every single hungry person and feed him;
I would take every single rich person and take away their money;
I would take every single person that's sick and tired of working jobs like on the auto lines and things like that, who's worked for years and years for nothing and never getting ahead;
or people in college, because I had to quit school, because I got so fucking paranoid, because after Kent State, after Kent State, I realized that I could put on a cheerleader sweater with a "I love America" pin and the people that were shooting wouldn't even aim and it wouldn't do me any good.
I could walk out of a classroom and be on my way to lunch and be killed just as easily as I would on the front line of a barricade in a demonstration."
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