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There's no deal to be made all your luck run dry. There's no dawn coming up, no twinkle in here eye.

You are mine, and we've got time.

When your baby has left you and all is caving in. There's just no denying that she's guilty as sin. But the thing I must say if it hasn't been said, you couldn't be blinder boy, not if you were stone cold dead.

Let me level with you son 'cause midnight's on it's way. You're gonna give her up for good and it's gonna be today. You see you, you got the coordinates and she, she got the names. I've got a suitcase of explosives and no penchant, for silly games.

There's no deal to be made, all your luck run dry, no dawn coming up, no twinkle in her eye. It's a long way to your baby now, riding on the rails, but I've got us a plan you see, and no plan of mine ever failed.
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