Lyrics to 9/11
9/11 Video:
whos to blame? set our country in to one big flame
we are still united under our fair god
still getting fucked by our government,
they say we should forget but they find ways
to get it in to our minds everyday,
so we hate every other country,
so we'll fight for you (fuck you!)
and we'll die for you (fuck you!)
9/11 such a tragic day,
9/11 they'll find away to destroy everyone else!
not saying that i hate my country,
cuz i love this country and what freedoms we have,
but what i'm sayin is that i won't die for you
, and i won't buy in to,
your greed and killing or your hate and war

just cuz a few of us die means we have to kill?
does it excite your life?
and give you a little thrill,
2 wrongs don't make it right,
war on terror war on terror
war is fucking terror
its time for peace!

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