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Lyrics to 8th The Electric
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You said you loved me
On the 4th of July
With your head on my shoulder
In the shade of a pine

It still has the forecast
I lay in your grasp
And mimic your breathing
Til 20 minutes pass

The hour, I swear
The sky never looked so blue
And silver lake
It's all the truth
You see it that way too

Well, my friends are waiting
On 8th and Electric
For their friend with the steady hands
And for one quick whip

But I'm busy walking
The line of regret
Let's recur from the bottle
And the hold in my chest
The rest, they say, is history

You'll always be the best
A part of me yeah
You will always be the best
A part of me

La la la la la la ra
La ra la la ra la
Ra ra ra ra la ra la
La la la ra la ra...
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