Lyrics to 8 Ball (Demo)
8 Ball (Demo) Video:
Hey, I'll go away
You let me take my own damn car
To Brooklyn, New York, USA
I'll dream embarrassing reverie
I'm all detached feeling like myself
I'll drink too much, I'll cause a big scene

And I'll breathe, I don't care who sees
I'll be nobody, I'll be the wind blowing through the leaves
And I'll fall, I will not be ashamed at all
You'll see a failure, you want to plan my losing streak
You want to be the 8 ball

Why, I curiously catch a ride
The blood that's keeping it alive
Is the illusion of the limelight
Manhood, the tragically misunderstood
And you will bury the bad blood
I am remiss, I am bodiless, output

You see, it could not possibly be me
I'm your diversion, I am the wind blowing down your tree
It's plain, I lit the ground, work up in flames
We watch the smoke rise, you want to name my weakness
You want to be the rain
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