Lyrics to '84: Danceteria!
'84: Danceteria! Video:
We don't always go to school
But we always go to Danceteria
There is always something cool
Happening somewhere in Danceteria

Classes at 7:30am
Sometimes we stay up and go to them
This is more important
You'll get educated at Danceteria

I always get in for free
I only paid once at Danceteria
Lydia, Mark, Nick and Fee
Tess are on tonight at Danceteria

Biding time until Save the Robots
Let's arrange our hair like Rorschach blots!
Maybe we can be anything
Or anyone at Danceteria

I invented the sugar
And lemon sandwich at Danceteria
Lost my hearing when Einsturzende
Neubaten played Danceteria

All six nights a week unfailingly
Seeing the Shirelles or ESG
Every day's a total blur
When you spend the night at Danceteria

Culture is not for the faint of heart
Poetry, music, performance art
Everything is theater
And everyone's on stage at Danceteria
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