Lyrics to 7th Veil
7th Veil Video:
Corroding sins on Satan's throne
The razor blade cuts soft lines on the throat
...and I've just kissed the boy
on trembling lips...a frozen kiss:
my fall across the hell!
My fall across the hell!
?this flesh shows bleeding treasures
wounds are bloomed above my hands?
I've kissed you or I've killed you?
I've kissed you or I've killed you?
Standing still at Sodom's gates
Princess, slaves, whores
Wait for the fall of the blade
Oh father! All I want is just his head!
Sterile thrills on Serpents scales...
Eating this hate and teaching you the disgrace...
Oh father! All I want is just his head!
Blessed by the lily this rose soon will die:
the sound of the ruby needs fire and blood!
Corrupted by desire: is this beatitude,
the virginal horror that makes us blamed?
Bridal burial deep-set
In a bed of dead jasmins.
Change of scene:
lewdness crusted with gems, silver throabs...
this flesh...Now, this flesh shows
bleeding treasures!
Glorious flight of the schyte! Sublime slash!
Give me back my bridegroom!
Oh, joyus grave of my fame...soon I'll reach you:
Kissed by laudanum I've found my key!
?between two death this is place of no pain!?
So lavish your promise...I can't refuse...
Heaven is lock was been picked,
cracked by the will that we'll never kill.
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