Lyrics to 7 Daughters
7 Daughters Video:
a fume of smoke, a perfumed grain. a strong bull pulls a strong till. a fume of smoke, a fume. i can not digest what i ingest in jest. what doth i protest? lungs in throat, rigged with wire and hay. a jewel from rote, shines strongs as binds. our jewel from rote, a jewel. tied with wire hay, pressed in rock and clay. 'til their not they. cartoon of self, rich in yes and no. a strong bull tills the strong soil. amused of self, amused. 1st born will be eve. 2nd shed rebecca. 3rd bred keturah. 4th birthed is sarah. 5th will be judith, 6th left us basemith. 7th truthful ruth.

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