Lyrics to 777
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Celebrate awaken
These are the years we are your fears
Anticipate revenge is sweet
In great number will we rise
Spread out across your great divide

We will not speak
We will not try to convince you
We are done
You will not accept us
And with this we are fine
We have won

Regenerate mistaken
1,000 years have dried these tears
One man an army of capable spirit
Unwilling to clone

I have a dream
To rid this earth of the unclead
The rotten......
What have you learned
How many more will suffer to earn
A place forgotten......

We have multiplied
We have aligned!

We are your frankenstein
No longer denied

This is the dawn
This is our time

You've crossed your own thin line
In steady decline

This is the dawn
This waters turned to wine

Celebrate awaken
These are your fears
We are your years
Regenerate revenge is sweet
In great number will we rise!
In great number you will die!
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