Lyrics to '74: No
'74: No Video:
Is there a man in heaven looking out for you?
Is there a place dead loved ones go?
Is there a source of wisdom that will see you through?
Will there be peace in our time?

We knew Karmu, a faith healer—the black Christ, he said—
Laying his hands on high and low
Did he cure colds and cancer, and bring back the dead?
Did he refuse donations?

My friend Scott says there's flying saucers
Hiding inside our hollow moon (Our hollow moon)
And then there's Karl, the card-carrying communist
Cause revolution's coming "soon" (It's coming soon)
And Carolyn believes in fairies
And Gabrielle believes in ghosts
Yoshe believes in reincarnation (We'll meet again)
And David, in heavenly hosts (Heavenly hosts)

My mother believes that this physical universe
Is a big holographic show
And she says someday science'll catch up with her
Has she a shred of evidence?
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