Lyrics to 6 Little Eggs
6 Little Eggs Video:
Weekend has come, I'll see you again.
Monday through Fri, I'll wait for the time with you.
And oh my love, I'll lay in your arms.
By kissing your lips, be no more away from you.
So that is the time, I'm working on me.
Forgot all the lonely nights with TV.
We think We'll be in love, my future I swear.
Now what we need, I'll come back again forever.

6 little eggs on the run
they fuck each other
three goes "boom dubi dom"
watch out be safe so
3 little eggs had sex
1 win and 2 explode
goes "boom dubi dom"
watch out be safe so
2 little eggs in the sun
one sleep too long goes boom boom
boom dubi dom
the story ends with 1 little egg was blind
make suicide with a pen bomb
boom dubi dom
another story come
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